Mar. 9: The Blue Jays are back!

It was team photo day this week and I – while in heels, trying to be impressive – slipped and fell on the ice in front of all the Steelheads. I love myself. Welcome back everyone (hi, Mom). Today I'm going to focus mainly on the Blue Jays because I love them and because I … Continue reading Mar. 9: The Blue Jays are back!


Apr. 13: Playoff Special – Leafs

Dad: I think the family wants to get together for a soccer game, like an under-25 versus over-25 thing. Me: Well, I'm not playing. Dad: Well no, it's like a serious game. Me: ...Oh. Fine then. Before we start, something got screwed up and now the first post on the site is the March 9 … Continue reading Apr. 13: Playoff Special – Leafs